Inspiring Quote
I chose this quote because I believe strongly that we make our own destiny. The original photograph is one I took of a Shakespeare statue in Dallas Arboretum. I used selection tools and layers to separate the subject from the background, blurred the background using the blur tool, then applied an adjustment layer to change the hue to a shade of blue. I used the fonts "Devinne Swash" and "American Typewriter" and selected shades of blue from the background for the text.
Summer Party Invite
For me, summer means kayaking trips, so I used one of my photos from a trip up the river to create this graphic, as if I were making an invite for a local paddling group. I used the custom shapes tool for the compass, and used the selection tools to break up the photograph so I could layer elements. I used the blending options to turn off the red and blue channels of the foreground, and used an overlay blend for the river and trees over a green gradient.
Smartphone Wallpaper
I had fun playing with this image! I started with a photo I took looking up into the leaves, added a gradient, and used the art paintbrush tool.
Imaginary Animal: Chorse leopard
Oh, this was a fun challenge, and I was able to draw on all those animal pictures I take! And use some of my favorite animals: the tail of a snow leopard (color adjusted), the body of a horse, and the head of a chicken. Probably not very bright, but would certainly stop traffic.
Avatar for Social Media
Trying to show some of the tools that come to mind when I think about taking an idea to reality!
Custom Coffee Cup
I would buy the t-shirt.
Custom Birthday Card
So my daughter's birthday is this month. She said the card needed cake and balloons. 
Album Covers
I had two ideas in my head today for album covers. The "Vintage Photo Effects" template helped me realize one idea quickly! I have also been taking many eye pictures as part of an ongoing study so just had to use them for this challenge.
Social App
We have an active rock group in my town, and nearly everyday people are making rocks to hide (to brighten someone's day) or finding and posting about rocks they have found. I thought an app that tracked the travels of the rocks would be fun. Some of the rocks are found and re-hid over and over!
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